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Microsoft Edge coming to Android and iOS, Microsoft Launcher for Android Also Revealed

The android mobile operating systems is becoming a porterhouse for mobile operating systems, it is unimaginable to find any hardware developer who is not using Android as an operating system for their Smartphone and Tablet devices. Android has the same effect on mobile devices as Microsoft Windows has on desktop PC’s. Apple, Google and Microsoft […]

Manage your data with Google’s new Triangle Android App

Canadians Can Now Purchase Microsoft’s Surface Laptop In Three New Amazing Colours

When the first announcement for Surface Laptop and Surface Pro was made in June, Microsoft showcased four different colours and also shared their plan to make them available in different countries in the coming months. Now, the wait has finally come to an end as the company on Tuesday revealed three new amazing colors for […]

Huawei Mate 10 Official Image Leaked: October Launch Confirmed

Microsoft Unveils Real-Time AI for Azure

Microsoft is introducing the new deep-based Project Brainwave platform based on a flexible architecture thanks to the use of FPGAs that allows for very low latency processing. According to the updated Microsoft Calendar, using Brainwave and FPGA Chips would be open to developers using the Azure platform in 2018 Microsoft in war with Facebook and […]

Ross Intelligence Returning to its Roots – Plans to Open R&D Headquarters in Toronto

Glimpse at Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Refresh

With the launch of Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 4 refresh just around the corner, American editor, blogger and phone leaker “Evan Blass” shared some insights on the product on Thursday. Reportedly, Microsoft will reveal the latest version of Surface Pro on 23rd of May in Shanghai, China. Microsoft has made minor tweaks in the nomenclature […]

Canadians Can Now Purchase Microsoft’s Surface Laptop In Three New Amazing Colours

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Cool New Hardware Upgrades for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8

Every year, DxO release benchmarks of what they consider the best and worst smartphone cameras in the market. The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have endured the same treatment and blew all other smartphones they’ve tested right out of the water. With a score of 94, the iPhone 8 Plus has reached the […]

Apple Working On A New Protective Finish For Displays On iPad Pros and Macs

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a new patent application discussing Apple’s new move for the displays of iPad Pros and Mac devices. According to Apple, the new display will have a visually imperceptible texture that will provide tactile sensations to the object contacting the surface of the device. Also, it seems like […]

Tesla Announced The Launch Of New Superchargers In Quebec – Brings Total Number In Canada To 29

The American energy giant Tesla announced the launch of its new supercharger station in Quebec. Keeping its words of expanding network of superchargers, Tesla now owns 29 Superchargers stations in Canada. The Levis Supercharger is located at St. Romuald Plaza, 1040-1042 1060 de La Rive Sud Boulevard, it will offer 10 chargers with 24/7 availability […]

Telus VoLTE Calling Is Now Available In Quebec

The Canadian telecommunication giant has now expanded its feature of VoLTE calling (voice-over long-term Evolution) from Montreal to the whole province of Quebec. The new feature by Telus will benefit Apple iPhone users a lot as they will now have a setting to enable VoLTE which will allow them to enjoy high-speed wireless communication with […]

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How To Connect iPhone to WiFi!

Connecting to a WiFi network of your choice sounds pretty easy……because it really is. For an average user, connecting to a network is as easy as slicing the bar opposite ‘Wi-Fi’ in Settings to ‘On/green’. But for many other iPhone users (like me, a few days back), the reverse is true. Many folks experience a […]


Google Adds Instant Apps Feature To The Play Store

Back in 2016 at Google I/O event, Google first introduced the Instant app feature, allowing Android users to try out selected apps without actually installing them on their smartphones. However, Google first implemented the feature in online search results to check whether the feature fits perfectly for the Google Play Store or not. Now with […]