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LG Expands Google Assistant Support To 87 Wi-Fi Connected Smart Some Appliances

With rapid up-gradation of technical gadgets and the release of LG V30 getting some buzz in the Canadian market, LG doesn’t want its consumers to forget about its smart home appliances that can integrate well with the smartphone technology. For this, LG (South Korean Company) announced that a total of 87 Wi-Fi connected LG home […]

Best Budget Smartphones For Back To School

Nexus 6P And Nexus 5X To Get 2 More Months Of Security Patches

Two years ago, Nexus revealed two smartphones running on the Android operating system named as Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Now, according to Google’s own software policy, both the Android-powered smartphone models should get an OS updates of two years and security updates of three years. Up until now the expected date for the security […]

All OnePlus 5 Models Go Out of Stock: Is the OnePlus 6 Coming Soon?

Best Budget Smartphones For Back To School

Some time ago, people cringed hard when they heard the words “cheap” and “smartphone” in the same sentence. Thankfully, things have changed and we have a new era upon us. With brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG dominating the market, prices are getting out of hand. These brands can afford to rack up the prices […]

5 Virtual Reality Apps For Your Smart Phone – Give 360° Twirl To Virtual Reality You Deserve

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Cool New Hardware Upgrades for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8

Every year, DxO release benchmarks of what they consider the best and worst smartphone cameras in the market. The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have endured the same treatment and blew all other smartphones they’ve tested right out of the water. With a score of 94, the iPhone 8 Plus has reached the […]

Tesla Announced The Launch Of New Superchargers In Quebec – Brings Total Number In Canada To 29

The American energy giant Tesla announced the launch of its new supercharger station in Quebec. Keeping its words of expanding network of superchargers, Tesla now owns 29 Superchargers stations in Canada. The Levis Supercharger is located at St. Romuald Plaza, 1040-1042 1060 de La Rive Sud Boulevard, it will offer 10 chargers with 24/7 availability […]

Telus VoLTE Calling Is Now Available In Quebec

The Canadian telecommunication giant has now expanded its feature of VoLTE calling (voice-over long-term Evolution) from Montreal to the whole province of Quebec. The new feature by Telus will benefit Apple iPhone users a lot as they will now have a setting to enable VoLTE which will allow them to enjoy high-speed wireless communication with […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Could Feature Under The Display Fingerprint Reader

As per recent talks, Samsung’s future smartphone Galaxy Note 9 could feature an under-the-display fingerprint sensor. Earlier, many users rumoured that similar technology might be a part of the recently revealed iPhone X as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 but unfortunately, it didn’t work for both the tech giants. However, the recently revealed Samsung […]


Snapchat Introduces New “Context Cards” Discovery Tool Option

Snapchat recently announced the launch of a new feature called “Context Card” that adds information to photos and images. This new feature will help users to find more information about the snaps once any user swipes up on any snap. The Context Card service is currently affiliated with Lyft, OpenTable, Tripadvisor, and Foursquare. This list […]