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Apple Working On A New Protective Finish For Displays On iPad Pros and Macs

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a new patent application discussing Apple’s new move for the displays of iPad Pros and Mac devices. According to Apple, the new display will have a visually imperceptible texture that will provide tactile sensations to the object contacting the surface of the device. Also, it seems like […]

Fully Functional Apple I Computer To Go Up For Auction Next Month

Apple Now Lets You Watch a Rented iTunes Movie up to 48 Hours after Starting It

So as to provide its customers with a better movie rental experience, Apple has increased the time US users have to watch the movies they rent on iTunes. It used to be that American customers would only have a measly 24 hours to watch their rented iTunes movie. Thankfully, Apple has finally solved this problem […]

Google Photos For iOS Adds Offline Editing Features And Ability To Remove Photos From Shared Library

Kaspersky Lab Seeks To Gain Back Trust After Spy Accusations

Kaspersky is a world-famous antivirus for basically any device out there. Up until recently, they had the most immaculate reputation. However, it seems that the US government decided to give them the banhammer, for the time being at least. The reason for this fiasco is the alleged theft of US government confidential data by Russian […]

PacketZoom Lands $5M Series- An Investment To Speed Up Mobile Apps

Xiaomi Debuts “Mi Notebook Pro” to Compete With The Macbook Pro

Xiaomi recently launched its new ‘Mi Notebook Pro’ to remain in competition with other rival companies such as Apple and Lenovo. Last year, the Chinese manufacturer took a shot at Apple’s MacBook Air by launching its own ‘Mi Notebook Air’, featuring full metal body, full – HD display, Windows 10 and type – C USB […]

Google Hires “Tian Lim” Former Hulu CTO To Lead Play Store Division

Canadians Can Now Purchase Microsoft’s Surface Laptop In Three New Amazing Colours

When the first announcement for Surface Laptop and Surface Pro was made in June, Microsoft showcased four different colours and also shared their plan to make them available in different countries in the coming months. Now, the wait has finally come to an end as the company on Tuesday revealed three new amazing colors for […]

Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems

Microsoft Unveils Real-Time AI for Azure

Microsoft is introducing the new deep-based Project Brainwave platform based on a flexible architecture thanks to the use of FPGAs that allows for very low latency processing. According to the updated Microsoft Calendar, using Brainwave and FPGA Chips would be open to developers using the Azure platform in 2018 Microsoft in war with Facebook and […]

3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Today

Kaspersky Explains How Spammers Capitalized On Wannacry Ransomware Scare During Q2 2017

When it comes to crisis situations, there are a number of sides that can benefit from the current state. This is especially true when it comes to spyware and ransomware periods when a new sort of malicious software appears on the internet. Notable antivirus and protection companies devise new and better defense mechanisms in order […]

OnePlus announces limited edition OnePlus 5 Soft Gold at $649 CAD

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OnePlus 5T Even More Impressive Comparing Against Pixel 2XL: Camera

Following the footsteps of the original OnePlus phone, 5T releases with an irresistible $499 price tag. It includes an elegant and powerful device. Yet, with a slightly lower price than the flagship Pixel 2XL’s $849 one may wonder how it stacks up against the big dogs. The results become striking after comparing its camera to […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Said to Last Longer, Despite Unchanged Battery

The smartphone industry got talking last week when a seemingly legitimate box leak surfaced on the internet of Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 smartphones, namely the S9 and S9 Plus. The leak sparked some great conversation amongst fans and critics alike about some glaringly obvious details as seen on what is assumed to be the new […]

Bell Launching New Prepaid Wireless Brand Called “Lucky Mobile”

Bell launched a low-cost prepaid wireless carrier called Lucky Mobile on December 4th. This service would cost $20 and available on only prepaid plans. For only $20, subscribers in Alberta, Ontario, and British Colombia can talk and text using Lucky Mobile. 17 zones will be covered in the region where Lucky would operate. This plan […]

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HTC launches new U11 EYEs: Check out its specs, features, and price

We first heard news about the HTC U11 by some guy who likes leaking news on Twitter. Shortly after that, the company confirmed this in an ad announcing the arrival of the U11. The first and most noticeable thing you’ll love about this new HTC is its sleek very modern looking design. With squeezable side […]


17 of the best games you can get for your Android and they’re free!

EA Sports UFC This game is perfect for UFC fans! With tens or hundreds of fighters to choose from you could just pick one and fight randomly. Or you could try out the story mode Rules of survival Basically, in this game, you’re dropped on an island with 120 other people. Your main goal is […]