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Can Google and HTC Crack the Apple-Samsung Smartphone Duopoly?

Can Google and HTC Crack the Apple-Samsung Smartphone Duopoly?


During every year, we ask ourselves this perennial tech-question.  Even though the smartphone market is broader than ever, it might just seem like it is. Why? Well, a general fact is that this is an Apple and Samsung dominated market. Other companies are just living it and fighting for their own place under the sun.

Google made waves when they announced a (sort-of) merger with HTC. This hookup isn’t your average acquisition. In fact, it’s more of a consensual cooperation deal. HTC will “lend” its employees to Google for a very reasonable price.  Google has been ruling the software part of the market with an iron fist for some time now. However, they weren’t able to do it under their own brand name.

What does this merger mean? How will they be able to break into the market? There are all questions that make sense. Howbeit, they all require some time to garner answers. While we wait, let’s take a deeper look at this tech-world bomb.

Facing heat

Apple and Samsung produce premium devices. Nobody can give them slack for that. In fact, they’ve been continuously stellar for some time. It’s a great thing for the tech world, providing everlasting stability. Such a duopoly is bad for the market and it hurts our pockets.

While there are companies doing amazing things, they fall within the shadow of this duo. The pressure is growing, and it’s getting unpleasant. Xiaomi did damage do both companies and now Huawei is doing the same.

These two Chinese companies have provided cheaper, yet equally stellar alternatives to Apple and Samsung. The only thing holding them back is prestige. It always sounds “sexier” for people to purchase a more expensive phone. It gives them a feeling of prestige and honor. It’s not about the feature anymore. Prestige is the main weapon in the game.

An injection of innovation to a seemingly dead market

Prestige is Google’s middle name by now. Stellar OS innovations and VR additions have boosted their ratings even more. It is true that they tried things by releasing the Nexus phones. They were stellar devices, but didn’t quite catch on. Only dedicated Android enthusiasts paid attention. This means they were never Google’s priority at all.

The same goes for the Motorola purchase.  The merger with HTC is different. It comes are a direr and more ideal moment. If it succeeds, the market will flourish. Having an innovative duo like the HTC-Google one means good news. Every single company will be forced to up their game.

That “upping of the game” can mean several things. Whether it is price reduction or innovation, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the customer will benefit.  Lower prices and better phones could be underway. It is still not known what could be born out of this strange tech-relationship.

A missing hardware component

Google has established software hegemony in recent years. Android has become by far the most popular operating system on the planet. Back in the day, it was usual to have Windows on your computer. Nowadays, it’s even stranger not to have an Android phone.

HTC’s engineers have a renowned name in the tech world. The company has been able to release stellar phones. These devices have been both stylish and functional at the same time. They were missing stability and significant backing. In the tech-world, there is no better support than Google.

We may see a change in Google’s policy, too. If this turns out to be a success, they will officially shift their focus to the smartphone section. They have significant financial and innovational power. Such a focus could bring an end to the Apple-Samsung duopoly.

A match made in heaven

When you think about it, both companies have what the other one is missing. HTC provides excellent design and good hardware like no other company. Google is on the top with their software supremacy. If they manage to consolidate really well, this could be the beginning of a revolution.

Instead of being forced to buy Apple or Samsung devices, freedom will be instilled. Seeing Google break into the market will be a motivating factor for everyone. If each of the top 10 phone manufacturers upped their game, the world would be a better place.


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