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Bold Predictions For The Smartphone Market In 2018

Bold Predictions For The Smartphone Market In 2018


With the beginning of every year, comes a regular set of bold predictions for the current year and the upcoming one. Time and time again, we are too conservative with our predictions and we don’t really want to be overly ambitious without predictions and assessments.

Year in and year out, we are proven wrong. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mostly because it shows how fast and unhindered technological development is today.

2017 is coming to a spectacular end. Even though there are a few launches left to be seen until the end of the year, we’ve already started pondering about what’s in store after New Year.

We’ve discussed this subject with some experts and associates and concluded that these features will become reality very soon. Sooner than you think, actually.

Voice recognition and the absence of keyboards

This may just be the next big thing. Siri and other types of software exist and already allow you to cooperate with your phone via voice. That software will become so sophisticated and refined that keyboards will soon become obsolete.

Therefore, it’s safe to expect that there will be an experimental phone without a keyboard in the fourth quarter of 2018. The culprit? Huawei most likely. With recent developments in their policy, they seem as the most reasonable suspect for such brilliant innovations.

Gesture control

With the keyboards and screens growing obsolete, you won’t be able to use your voice every time. Imagine being on the bus back home, full of people and being unable to signal your phone to open your Twitter.

With a simple predetermined gesture of your hand or face, you will be able to activate any part of your phone, anywhere.

Typing and scrolling are already starting to fall out of fashion, slowly but surely. The aim for future smartphones in efficiency and there is nothing more efficient than the move of a hand. The best possible way to use your smartphone is to reduce the time that the simplest tasks require.

Credit card integration

Since touch payments are already in motion around the world, it’s only a matter of time before we fuse two things into one. Imagine going into McDonald’s while on the break and just moving your phone over the sensor to pay.

No wondering where your wallet is, no taking cards out and definitely more pins. It’s the move of the future and will help us a lot.

Aside from adding simplicity, this means much more. With this option available, financial transfers and payments will be done by phone companies rather than banks. Imagine Telus, Samsung, and Barclays all fusing into one company. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Bending screens

Ah, the numerous concept devices and drawings we’ve seen during the last few years. Bendable screens are imminent and it’s just a matter of time before we see one.

The aim here is to allow more space to be saved. No more having a large device in your pants and fearing to break it. Done talking with a client? Just roll up your phone and throw it into your back pocket.

This feature will mean more durability for phones, which will allow companies to plan longer term solutions. Nowadays, the sensitive features of smartphones allow them to be suitable for your needs for about 2 years. With bendable screens, it will be more than that. More powerful phones are coming our way.

Retinal scanning

We’ve seen facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. The next step is retinal scanning, a great security measure that will accelerate unlocking your phone. It’s an excellent move to make, especially with the growing significance of smartphones.

Have valuable client data and files on your phone? Good luck to anyone finding it and trying to unlock it. We invest more and more life and money into our phones. It’s high time they became more secure because of it.


When it comes to the tech market, it’s always a sort of a gamble. You’re bound to be surprised by many new inventions and innovations. The year 2017 has seen perhaps the biggest amount of innovative models and perplexing features. Who knows what January has in store for us.


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