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BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Coming to Canada Later this Month

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Coming to Canada Later this Month


BlackBerry has been active on the market recently and we can’t help but applaud the efforts. Their next flagship is the KEYone model in all black. Something that has been a knock on their efforts is the lack of design options. Customers all over Canada have been demanding an all-black color option. Thankfully, BlackBerry didn’t disregard their clients and decided to bestow this new design upon them.

It’s coming these days and the period is going to be a spectacular one, because of the anticipation. Sadly, most people aren’t yet aware of the excellence this phone possesses. It’s a model worthy of giving it a chance. Engulfed in elegance and practicality, this keyboard-equipped Android smartphone is a thing of beauty.

With improved security features and a new set of hardware, it’s definitely going to be a star. While we wait, let’s set the ground a little. Held in high regard already, it’s worthwhile to dig a little bit deeper.

How to get a hold of one?

It’s still unclear in this period, but the usual suspects will line up to take over the distribution. Telus, SaskTel and Freedom Mobile will probably be the first to receive the dispensation license from BlackBerry themselves. Several insiders tell us that the price won’t differ much from the retail BlackBerry one. Also, it’s likely that it won’t come with any of the high-end packages just yet.

TCL Communication will be handling the issuance of the devices in the first wave of purchases. It will come in a carrier unlocked version via Staples.ca, Walmart.ca and Amazon.ca. In most cases, the price will revolve around $800 CAD. In our opinion, this is a great price for a flagship that combines stability and security with innovative features.

An equally exquisite exterior

Although they aren’t at the very top, BlackBerry is still a company with a pedigree. Experts around the world were astonished by how well is this device has performed. It’s perhaps the ideal device solution for the company. They’ve combined their trademark points along with a modern era swagger.

Devoid of any excess ostentatiousness, the KEYone looks even better when engulfed in this elegant and low-key shade of black. When designing a smartphone, the key is to make the available colors all amplify the aesthetics of the phone.

In order to expose the elegant edges of the device, the design team opted for the matte version. It’s less prone to visible edges, plus it makes the phone look much more expensive than it actually is. Instead of opting for the quotidian solution of a plastic interior, the keystone features an all-aluminum casing. There is just something special when you feel the heaviness of the phone gently putting pressure on your fingers.

All in all, the keyboard is a great fit. Somehow it just seems it always belonged there. It doesn’t seem like it’s an excess piece of detail. Plus, the all the buttons are gentle and easy to push. Authentic elegance, well done, BlackBerry.

The contents under the hood

If you though the aesthetic appeal of the exterior is the chief factor in the KEYone, they you are terribly wrong. Leading the pack is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. What we love the most about this processor is its efficient use of a battery. It has two sectors – a high priority one and a low priority one. The low priority one takes up the majority of the processor. It’s tasked with handling messaging and other medial, everyday tasks. The high priority one will calibrate the battery disposition much better. It is only reserved for HD or 4K video. That way, your battery won’t die every few hours.

The Black Edition comes with other upgrades, too. 64GB of internal storage is enough to host all your important data. What’s really impressive is the expandable storage support. With it, you can add another 2TB of additional files. Not bad at all. To cover all those functionalities is the sufficient 4GB of ram.

An excellent flagship device such as this one wouldn’t be complete without good security innovations. DTEK is a great addition to the Android 7.1 Nougat version. The system will let you know about any intrusions or suspicious activity. All in all, we are eager to see this beast perform in real life. The time is ticking, start planning how to get your own KEYone, ASAP.


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