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Best Price-To-Performance Ratio In The Smartphone World

Best Price-To-Performance Ratio In The Smartphone World


With all the current trends in the smartphone world, manufacturers try hard to release phones that are supreme on the market. In these situations, we often see excellent phones at very unreasonable prices.

This creates a problem on the market, as only a select few are able to get their hands on the phones they want to have or feel they need.

Some companies have shifted their focus on creating phones that are both cheap and efficient. It proves as a challenge, the whole experience of making the best out of a limited budget.

The market for these phones is astonishing in the last few years and there are some excellent devices out there. We give you the list of the best phones that are excellent, but very cost efficient.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Despite all the scintillating flagship devices they release every year, Samsung has still managed to maintain a budget smartphone tradition. The Galaxy J5 is another continuation of excellent company policy. At such a reasonable price, this device has everything you need for a powerful smartphone experience.

Perhaps the best feature of this phone is the Super AMOLED display, at only 720p. Such a small resolution, paired with a quality display, puts many rival devices to shame.

Everything else is solid and can dance with any rival device in the game. An updated camera, along with the excellent Android 7.0 software, gives Samsung a chance to resume their reign over the budget smartphone world too.

Vodafone Smart Prime

Yes, we know that its features are nowhere near the current stellar standards, but there’s more to the phone than features. Sitting at only £75, this phone may just play an important educational role in the modern smartphone world.

Despite the lack of turbo features, it is an excellent choice for people wanting to get themselves their first smartphone. Both young children and retired people will find this to be the best possible choice for entering the world of smartphones.

The design and the overall look of the software make this phone seem much more expensive than it actually is. With Android 6.0.1 being one of the more stable version, this phone is built to last. Perhaps the best price-to-performance ratio in recent history.

Moto G4

The Moto G series is perhaps our favorite one. We always anticipate the next move of the Japanese company with joy. The G4 turned out to be much larger than the G3, but it also came with a myriad of other useful surprises and features.

What we loved about this phone the most is the addition of the Snapdragon 617 – a very capable and stable octa-core chipset.

The battery life is much improved and it brings us joy to see Motorola taking time to listen to advice and complaints. We’ve noticed significantly better performance when it comes to the camera sensor, too.

Although it may not be cheapest of the budget smartphones, at just $219, there is no device in the mid-range that can come near it.

Lenovo P2

We just might have a new winner when it comes to the best battery life on the market. It can withstand almost 30 hours without a single charge.

This alone puts it on our list because a stable battery is rare, let alone a stable battery on a budget. With the growing need of constant smartphone use, Lenovo solved a major problem for most people.

It may be a little bit heavier at 177 g, but it’s all worth it, as both the display and the software are up to modern standards. With a little more than $250, this phone boasts a very good price-to-performance ratio.

Alcatel Pixi 4

Looking for an ideal phone for the kids or a second device for you? How does the $70 Alcatel Pixi sounds? You get not a stellar camera, but a solid one, all along with the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. If your budget is really tight and you need an emergency smartphone, Alcatel has you covered.

With 8GB of storage, it’s more than enough to let the kids play and enjoy the wonders of this amazing gadget. It’s probably the best bargain phone on the market. You really can’t ask for more, given the price and the circumstances.


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