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Best Headphones of 2017

Best Headphones of 2017


Each year new technologies are introduced. Of course, a great number of the headphones we have reviewed are wireless. Still, in headphones, it is the sound quality we seek. Keeping the list under $350-mark, we have put up the best five. We have tried many, but these truly blew the rest out of the water. If you are on the lookout for a special pair, we have you covered.

Chances are, the average consumer will hardly hear the difference. Anyway, with these, we guarantee you will. Past the $350-mark, we are sure an audiophile needs no list.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

There is a special kind of exquisiteness in a retro design that accompanies high tech. These are an eye-candy and feel premium. A leather-like material is on the headphone cups. The pads are very comfortable and for the price, the sound is excellent. Marshall paid attention to details all over. Battery life is great. The headphones are collapsible and wireless. Full audio controls and microphone for calls are at your disposal.

Bose QC35 II with Google Assistant

They are a modern looking package with supreme comfort. Noise cancelling is top of the grade. It is on par with smartphones when in calls. Also, it collapses with wireless and has a great battery life.

They do feel not up to the price as the design is understated and outdated. In spite of Google Assistant, controls are fairly limited. Instead of USB-C, they use microUSB for charging. These could be our choice for the sound quality. However, we should ignore the lack of attention to details and pretty much anything that the $350 price tag should include.


It is either classic retro or modern minimal design. These lightweight headphones go with the latter option. They are covered in smooth gray with no branding anywhere. Just like anything these days, these are comfortable and customizable. Swap your ear cups, headbands, speakers or even cable. As a member of our top five picks, the sound is great.

TMA-2 are upgradable with Bluetooth and are not at all expensive considering the features. There is a microphone for calls depending on the cable. A downside to the customization it offers is that you have to listen through each speaker and pad configuration before you find the sound you are looking for. To our surprise, swapping on-ear and over-ear pads has a bad effect on sound quality.

So, it should not be hard finding a preset configuration. Also, our suggestion is that you use the website’s configurator. It will guide you through parts customization. The company is revising return policy to accommodate trying before buying. They start at $145.

Etymotic ER4SR and XR

This headphone has excellent mid-range detail and definition with underwhelming bass. The sound is crisp and clear. It could even satisfy an audiophile. These in-ear designed earphones block exterior sound exceptionally well.

The XR model with superior bass still will not live up to expectations as bass persists in appearing weak comparing to well-defined higher sounds. These are expensive for in-ear audio and come with no microphone. Selling at $350.

Beats Studio3 Wireless

They feel premium on touch and come with premium looks. They seamlessly pair with Apple devices thanks to the W1 chip. W1 connects with iPhones and iPads much quicker than Bluetooth. The sound is good. Noise cancelling is great. These are also the only pair of Apple headphones with noise cancelling.

Now, it is logical this model is your choice if you already own tons of Apple products. They provide full music controls and good battery life. Like previous Beats releases, fidelity does not match the high price. Beats Studio 3 is a direct challenger to higher end Bose models like the QC35 on our list, though.

Moreover, it indeed is a good challenger when it comes to noise cancelling and easier cross-Apple device connection. Even though they are wireless and sold by an Apple subsidiary, they charge on microUSB. Consider those, despite expecting them to be compatible with Lightning or USB-C. All in all, you are paying for the brand and a satisfactory listening experience.



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