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Bell Launching New Prepaid Wireless Brand Called “Lucky Mobile”

Bell Launching New Prepaid Wireless Brand Called “Lucky Mobile”


Bell launched a low-cost prepaid wireless carrier called Lucky Mobile on December 4th. This service would cost $20 and available on only prepaid plans. For only $20, subscribers in Alberta, Ontario, and British Colombia can talk and text using Lucky Mobile.

17 zones will be covered in the region where Lucky would operate. This plan is contract-free. They are also available with no credit check for customers that buy devices starting from $60.

Parent BCE also own and operate Virgin Mobile and Bell Mobility. The new entrant, Lucky Mobile would face competitions from Chatr owned by Rogers and Public Mobile owned by Telus. These two operators offer a low-cost prepaid plan without contract similar to what Lucky Mobile would offer.

Canada wireless network market is largely dominated by postpaid plan providers. As at 2016, only 13% is occupied by prepaid plan operators even though the wireless market grew by 30 million subscribers. This growth is accredited to the inflow of migrants into Canada.

Facts about Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile is contract-free

This means that subscribers don’t need any long-term contract or a credit check to own a plan. Customers would be signing up for 30-day cycle services which are paid for in advance. This plan is not billed but paid for in advance before even using it.

Lucky also offers what is termed “Service Pass.” This replaces the pay-per-use rates with a $3 or $5 add-on. For instance, if a user is outside the correct zone, instead of switching to pay-per-use rate, a customer would receive an alerting message that prompts them to acquire the service pass in order to gain service.

This service gives customers assurance that they aren’t carelessly draining their credits. Customers would find this suitable and appealing.

3G-equivalent data speeds

The data plans on Lucky Mobile are 3G-equivalent. Customers can access internet speed of up to 3Mbps via the company’s 4G network. Although the traffic will flow through the 4G network, speed would be throttled between 128Kbps to 3Mbps.

In simple terms, between EDGE and 3G. in the near future, 2018, Lucky Mobile has plans to upgrade its services to include an app that would permit customers to text and talk over Wi-Fi. This will be an additional service to its already existing cellular network.

Low budget smartphone

One additional feature about Lucky Mobile is the sales of some low budget smartphones. Although they aren’t the first, Chatr already does that but Public Mobile doesn’t. Smartphones from LG, ZTE, and Alcatel would be available for outright purchase.

Lucky Mobile plans to start without a storefront. It only would be available at Walmart, 1-833-88-LUCKY, Wireless Wave, Cellular Point, TBooth Wireless, and Visions Electronics.

Lucky Mobile plans

On the Lucky Mobile network, the plans are divided into two many major categories which are the Zone Plans and Province and Canada Plans.

The Zone plan is offered to 17 relatively densely populated zones in Canada just like the ones for Chatr. The locations covered on the Zone plan are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Barrie, Halifax, Kelowna, Kingston, London/Kitchener/Guelph, Peterborough, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Victoria, Windsor, and Winnipeg. Bell plans to expand and cover more regions in the near future.

The lowest on the Zone Plan costs $20. Some of the features include unlimited outgoing local calls within a zone, unlimited incoming calls from Canadian, US, and international numbers, and unlimited incoming texts from Canadian, US, and international numbers.

The Lucky Mobile’s Province Plan is available at $25. Some of its key features include unlimited outgoing in-providence call, unlimited incoming calls from Canadian and international numbers, and 100 outgoing international texts and unlimited incoming international text.

The Province & Canada Plans has options of $10 for 500MB, $15 for 1GB and $25 for 2GB. There is also an additional offer of international calling services that promises 300 minutes to China and Hong Kong for $5 per month on its plan.

The prices of the Lucky plan compete closely with Chatr and Public Mobile. Lucky Mobile may just bring the luck for Bell in the coming future.



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