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Are Foldable Phones the Next Big Thing?

Are Foldable Phones the Next Big Thing?


Mobile technology seems to perfectly mature like fine wine, the longer they are natured, the better results they produce. Flip phones were convenient because they could be folded in half when not being used. They were developed to reduce the size of the actual phone when not being used. The mobile device could be easily folded in half to fit in your palm.

Manufactures such as Motorola made foldable phones the next big thing as they were lighter and thinner such as the RAZR V3. During the mobile evolution phase, mobile phones started to become bigger again. It felt like going back in time when smartphones were proceeding to a next level.

Smartphones dominated the market with touchscreen devices and they were bigger than the first quirky keypads. Smartphones such as the first Apple or generation Blackberry device eliminated traditional mobile divides from the market, the only thing left is to imagine the next big thing in Smartphone technology.

What Is The Next Big Thing?

Wearable technology is the next big thing, from clothes, heart monitors, and Smart-watches. But all that is technology we already know about. The focus now is on mobile phones. Foldable Smartphones are predicted to be popular in the market as they will now offer flexible mobile devices that introduced by Smartphone technology.

Mobile phones will now have a mechanism which allows devices to get folded. And then you can wear it around your wrist. Some phones will resize into a traditional Smartphone and unfold into a size of a tablet.  LG Mobile announced that some of their foldable phones will look like a book and another like a newspaper when both unfolded.

ZTE mobile is already ahead of Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and LG in the market by introducing its first foldable phone. The Axom M device has two displays that allow it to operate in different functions. You can merge it together into one screen and form a tablet device. Some phones will triple unfold to form a laptop and it comes with wireless keyboards.

What does The Phone Offer to Consumers?

Just imagine having a phone, tablet, and laptop all in one hand, how convenient is that. By ZTE launching the first foldable phone in the market, it means we should start preparing for the technology. The devices offer flexible touch displays with flexible touch sensors and improved resolution.

Consumers will have a flexible phone that with either two or three screens that can be merged into one. Business, pleasure, and everything can be accessed in one device. Most of the concepts have hinges holding the screens together for the device that can be folded into any comfortable way (like a clamshell design). But hinges won’t be visible; they are covered with a touch display in some devices making them look like a single device when unfolded.

Remember the auto rotate function that lets you minimize and maximize the screen appearance. With foldable phones, it won’t be necessary as two screens will merge into one that enlarges the screen size. Users will be able to enjoy movies and video calls; this could be used for streaming as you won’t have to carry your tablet all day.

Will they become the next big thing?

Foldable phones will become the next big thing as they excite consumers and drive the Smartphone sales back up. The excitement of holding a phone and tablet device in one hand is exciting enough to make a foldable phone the next big thing in the market. This wonderful feature is attracting a lot of users already.

With such a phone, you can walk around with two or three Smartphone merged into a single device that lets you multitask. Most of the phones will be a dual screen that offers the functionality of a Smartphone and tablet. Some will have three screens offering the functionality of a laptop PC.

Mobile technology matures like fine wine and never dies like fashion. It gets better with time and the old can be reinvented into something current. Just like flip phones that transformed into Smartphones eventually. The hardware of these devices is made to be sturdy and powerful enough to compete with Laptops and PCs. Foldable phones are totally the next big thing.



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