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Apple To Release Three New iPhones In 2018

Apple To Release Three New iPhones In 2018


Following the November 2017 release of Apple Inc.’s much-talked about anniversary phone, the iPhone X, and its counterpart the iPhone 8 weeks earlier, it seems like the tech giant isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

A new report suggests that the company is already planning on releasing 3 new phone models and that all will be launched within 2018. The news comes on the heels of recent unconfirmed rumours that suggested Apple’s involvement in the release of a brand new smartphone similar to the iPhone X.

This new report carries some validity if one is to consider its creator. It was prepared by none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, who, a KGI Securities analyst who has, in the past, made similar predictions with varying levels of success.

The specs

In its futuristic, predictive tone, the report also listed the specifications of the phones. Mr Kuo believes that all three phones are going to be on the wider side of the screen spectrum, with one being 5.8 inches, the other being 6.1 inches and the third stretching all the way to 6.5 inches.  The iPhone X is 5.8 inches, which means that the new phone will be a second generation iPhone X.

In terms of display, Kuo alerts us of a new development. Only one of the phones – the 6.1 inch – is going to have TFT-LCD display. The other two are going to be OLED, complete with high resolutions and all. The 6.1-inch model will have 320-330 PPI, as supported by its display. The other two are going to rank slightly higher, with the 5.8-inch model sporting 458 PPI and an 1125 * 2436 resolution while the 6.5 inch ranges between 480 to 500 PPI.

Here’s a spoiler: Kuk believes that all three models are going to be starkly similar to the iPhone X in both design and specifications. They will all sport its ‘edge to edge display with a notch’ design and have the TrueDepth camera that it has.

The pricing

The iPhone X made headlines this year when its $999 starting price was announced. It seems like Apple isn’t leaving the high-end market soon. Kuo doesn’t name the price for the 5.8 and 6.5 inch OLED models, but he believes that they will be targeted toward the high-end market with a matching price. Kuo further suggests that the 6.1 inch LCD model will be targeted toward what he calls the ‘low to midrange buyer’, with a starting price ranging from $649 to $749.

Apple has released more than one phone model in one year before (best example: 2017), so that won’t be a new thing. Three different devices is still a big number , but Kuo believes that the company and its suppliers have got a great deal of experience from the iPhone X’s release this year, and that will be a guiding light throughout the release and marketing process next year.

It’s important to remember that this is just a prediction, and that it might not be turns out as envisioned. Apple always works on its phones for many years in secret before announcing them, and 2018 might be the year of three major announcements.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims to have sources within Apple’s supply chain, which has helped him provide fact-based predictions over the years. Some of his predictions have come true, the most recent being one he made last year about a 5.8-inch display iPhone that Apple was planning to release. That turned out to be the iPhone X, which was released in November this year.

The report begs the question: is it the right time for Apple to release three new devices? Considering that the company has only just released two new high-end iPhones in 2017, it feels a little too soon. The iPhone 8’s sales were hampered a little by news of the iPhone X’s release, and that could happen again next year when the phones releases one after another. The final decision lies with Apple itself, which best understands its target market and their immediate device needs.

Otherwise, discussions of the report are already in full swing. Apple enthusiasts and fans have already dubbed the 6.5 inch model the iPhone X Plus and started predicting its price. Debates have already started online on whether buyers will go for the OLED or the LCD devices more, specs and price considered.  All that remains to be found out when the phones are released next year.(if the predictions hold true)



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