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Apple Reveals iPhone X Face ID Security Feature That Is Very Good News For Anxious Parents

Apple Reveals iPhone X Face ID Security Feature That Is Very Good News For Anxious Parents


Good News For Anxious Parents

When a new device enters the market, who do you think is excited the most? The kids, of course. They grow together with the gadgets and love them. Because they are always enamored with the latest tech inventions, they seem like the ideal customers.

They care most about the flash and the design, with not much regard to their parents’ wallets. It is the parents who are, in fact, the customers.

Because technology is advancing, the safety risks are more abundant by the day. This causes parents to worry and to ponder about the safety of their kids. So is the case with the new $999 iPhone X. The reason to worry?

Apparently, the new iPhone will require a Face ID scan, instead of a password. This caused a lot of stir with parents all around the world. Apple took care of the news with class. Let’s take a look at the brilliant solution.

The new facial recognition system

Ah, yes. Every parent’s worst nightmare. Everyone who has a kid surely didn’t think about the convenience of the new system. On the contrary, they immediately saw the dangers.  They weren’t just about their kids, but about the sheer magnitude of the innovation.

Many people have been reading too much George Orwell, apparently. The chief complaint against the Face ID recognition software was privacy. Will our images be gathered for recognition on a secret server? Will the FBI cooperate with Apple to gain info and facial features from anyone? Of course not. Apple’s Craig Federighi was quick to dispel any Big Brother worries.

He stated that the data will not be stored on a server. It will also not be sent to the cloud for training data. Every single piece of info on the scan will stay on the phone. It was nowhere to go and will forever remain there. There goes one fear down the drain.

But, where one fear exists, there surely are a ton more. Of course, this “Big Brother” scare was the most significant one. No parent would sleep easy knowing that their kids might be at risk. Unauthorized scanning of anyone’s face is a crime, let alone scanning an underage person. Federighi even proved the notion by explaining how the Face ID unlock works. You can never be too reassuring.

A change in the protocol for kids

Apple rarely makes a move without thinking it through in advance. When they decide something, it’s of significance, for sure. The Face ID is a big step in phone technology, but it’s not that simple. The folks at Apple wanted to make sure that everything was secure. One of the security features is more of a protocol change.

Apparently, Apple made one thing clear – persons under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the Face ID. This is a great step for multiple reasons. For starters, it limits the powers of kids when it comes to using the iPhone X.

Anyone remember when that kid ran up a $7000 bill? He did so by making in-app purchases on his parents’ iPad. With the password all gone and the new feature in store, everything has changed. The introduction of the Face ID scan means that this will never happen again. Face scans exist for some time now, but none are sophisticated like that of the iPhone X.

Also, no other manufacturer has the “no under-13” rule. This isn’t just caring for customers, it’s reeling new ones in. What parent wouldn’t want to buy the phone now? The knowledge of it being safe against kids is too tempting to resist.

A sophisticated piece of technology

Another cool feature is the news that only one person can use the Face ID. This means no phone can be shared and thefts will be impossible. Apple software is notoriously tough to hack. It’s going to be a living hell now, because of the Face ID feature.

Also, the scan of the face lasts around a minute. It picks up every single facial feature. Some sources say it may even differentiate identical twins. If this is true, we can’t wait for shipping to begin.



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