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Apple releases new iOS update to fix ‘autocorrect’, ‘Siri’ issues

Apple releases new iOS update to fix ‘autocorrect’, ‘Siri’ issues


Early last week, iOS 11 iPhone users around the world started experiencing one similar problem with their keyboard: the letter ‘i’ suddenly went missing. Pressing ‘i’ generated the letter ‘A’ and a question mark, throwing users into a frenzy of sorts. Users suddenly found themselves with limited alphabetical options when messaging or using social media, which forced some to use abbreviated word forms for easier communication.

The bug mostly affected users that had recently updated to iOS 11 and had the autocorrect feature turned on. Users of the new iPhone X were also affected, as the new smartphone also runs the iOS 11. Apple immediately released the iOS 11.1.1 patch for the situation, stating in a statement, “For Phrase, type an uppercase ‘I’. For Shortcut, type a lower case ‘i’.”

Recently, Apple solved the problem by releasing its latest update to the iOS 11. Users no longer have to switch off autocorrect for their keyboards or come up with new words. (Words without the letter ‘i’, of course.)

The ‘i’ autocorrect issue was just one of the few problems fixed by the recent update. As it always happens, updating to new software on the iOS platform tends to come with a series of issues, especially on older iPhone models. iOS 11 did not disappoint either; many users started complaining of unusual phone activity a few days after its launch.

Some of these issues, such as WiFi connection problems, are currently being faced by only a handful of iPhone users, while others, such as faster battery drain are affecting a whole legion of users. Experts say that the issues usually go away after a few days, in which the iOS settles in with the device’s files.

Some of the common issues most people are facing with the iOS 11 include:

Power button stops working: For some users, the update is disabling the power button completely. Users can still switch off their devices using the ‘Shut down’ feature from the menus.

Loss of some apps (whole others start malfunctioning): This is mostly happening with apps that are really old, 32-bit or haven’t been updated for the iOS 11.

Failure to connect to a WiFi network: This issue is affecting only a few users. For some, restarting the phone and the WiFi router seems to do the magic. For others, nothing works except restoring the old iOS.

Rapid storage fills up: This usually involves the system storage filing up on its own until the phone is nearly full.

Faster battery drain:  A fast draining battery has always been a staple with the iPhone, and now some users are complaining about it after updating their software. The common causes here are the older apps on the phone that may be running down the battery with their background activity.

Slower wakeup of the device using Home button: Basically, the lock screen freezes for over 10 seconds before opening up and loading apps. This is happening to many users right after updating to iOS 11 and continuing even after a few weeks.

Overheating: Users report about overheating of a phone right after updating the software. This can also be brought on by overworking the phone or using it while charging.

Failure to send mail to Outlook or Exchange: Some iOS 11 users cannot send emails through either of the Microsoft-run servers after the update. Users with this problem will have to wait for a stable solution to the problem. In the meantime, they can use other programs or

Control center not working right: The major complaint here is that the Control Centre sometimes fails to turn some features off when used, especially Bluetooth and WiFi.

Siri sounds more robotic: Some users have complained about Siri sounding less human and more robotic, while others have noted that their Siri sounds male now.

Most of these issues will be fixed with regular updates to the system, but some users will have to revert to iOS 10 until proper solutions to their issues are released.

The iOS 11 was launched in early November with a slew of new features, including a new emoji set. As with any new iOS, users are encouraged to download the latest updates from Apple to fix any new bugs that may come up.


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