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Apple Might Unveil Apple Watch 3 Along with new iPhones in September

Apple Might Unveil Apple Watch 3 Along with new iPhones in September


According to CNBC reports one of the biggest tech giants of all time Apple is planning to unveil Apple Watch 3 along with two iPhone 7s models and the iPhone 8 by September 2017. It is no secret that Apple has a lot of competition these days with competing companies, so they do not want to waste any time when it comes to unveiling all of their new products. The news of upcoming of Apple Watch 3 along with new iPhones models in September is an added bonus for Apple users.

According to the source, the next Apple Watch 3 will not require pairing with the iPhone to receive phone calls. This new feature will attract many new users, who don’t have or use iPhone devices, but have been impressed with the last two Apple Watches. Many new users will be tempted to purchase an Apple Smartwatch 3 if the wearable device does not require tethering with an iPhone.


Apart from this, Apple Watch 3 users will be able to stream music without pairing the smartwatch to an iPhone. The source also claims that the smartwatch will lack physical SIM card and will be packed with an embedded SIM, to make use of cellular connectivity.

However, this addition of cellular connectivity, we will see how Apple will tackle the battery draining issue once the  new smartwatch is released.

Apple Watch 3 is likely to equip an Intel Modem and will be available at all the major carriers.


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