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Apple iPhone X Launch Event: Key Updates

Apple iPhone X Launch Event: Key Updates


September 12th was one of the biggest days in the company’s history. For starters, it marked the opening of the brand new Steve Jobs Theater. It’s a gigantic dome outside Apple Park, the company’s newly built headquarters. The stage was set for the biggest collective reveal in a long time.  Instead of opting for a selective release of many new features and gadgets, Apple group them all together.

Of course, the star of the day was the iPhone 8, but with a surprise appearance from an unexpected guest – the iPhone X. The two smartphones were accompanied by many innovations concerning Apple TV, the Apple Watch and much more.

It’s been an event-filled day, so it’s easy to get confused in the bustle. That’s why we’re here, to clear things up. If you’re an Apple fan, you’ll love what’s in store. If you’re not, we hope that you’re ready to become one real soon.

Software updates

Although most of these tweaks, new versions and updates are already known, the information was officially released today. This type of reveal showed us a new policy of Apple when it comes to big releases – they completely removed the factor of mystery, but saved juicy surprises for the end.

  • For starters, we have the iOS 11. This is the next version of the software used on iPhones and iPads. It’s even more stylish than ever. The main focus here is multitasking and improving Siri. It possesses a more natural voice and a flawless memory. iPad interface has been improved a lot, too.
  • Fitness enthusiasts can rejoice. Not only did Apple launch their highly sought Apple Watch 3, but the new software is there, too. The watchOS 4 will feature a major rehaul when it comes to interface. You will also notice a plethora of workout options. The new Siri watch face will impress you, too.
  • The tvOS 11 and the macOS High Sierra are mostly minor updates. The TV sections will be enriched with a dark mode and improved sync between Apple devices. When it comes to desktop and MacBook devices, the changes are mostly under the hood.

Device reveals

This is the part everyone’s been waiting for. A months’ worth of anticipation is finally over. We have all the scheduled devices. Most of these have already been known for quite some time. What we didn’t expect is a major overhaul when it comes to the iPhone. If the 8 model was expected, the X blew us away.

  • The iPhone 8 isn’t such a big surprise. We’ve mostly expected it in this shape, but it was still pleasant to see the little surprise. It’s more elegant than ever. You just can’t help but love the all glass exterior. Speakers are louder, the camera is much more powerful and a first Apple-built GPU. The younger brother of the iPhone may even end up overshadowing its predecessor.
  • The title of the star of the day goes to the iPhone X. With a 5.8-inch screen taking up the whole front, it’s not hard to notice this dazzling smartphone. An all glass exterior adds additional elegance. A noticeable absence is that of the home button. There is no more touch ID neither! It’s been replaced with the Face ID, a special new technological feature. What’s amazing is that will work during nighttime, too.
  • An underrated reveal was that of the Apple Watch series 3. It now comes with a built in mobile connection. People were disappointed when they saw that the battery size isn’t larger. It wasn’t for long because they were left in awe when they found out that power drain is 85% less. With a faster processor, it boasts 4G internet connection and a non-cellular version too.


The iPhone X will start shipping 3 November. With a 64 GB version costing $999, we just may seem a better price-to-performance ratio. If that size isn’t enough for you, a 256 GB version for $1149 might just do the trick.

The less powerful model, the iPhone 8 will ship for $699 for the 64 GB version. If you want the iPhone 8 plus, you will be asked to cash out an additional $100. The shipping starts on 22 September.


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