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Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems

Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems


Every Apple fan on the planet must’ve been super excited for the iOS 11 release on September 19th. Then again, how deserving of praise is the new iOS really? Do the new polished features make up for what the previous iOS had and this one doesn’t? The new iOS is the new iOS, it has to be awesome! Right? Let’s dig into it.

New Features vs. New Problems – The Weigh-In

First of all, we have to mention that all the iPad users will be exalted at the update. Apple says they’ve never released something better and more immersive for the iPad than iOS 11. That’s great, but what about the main product that sells the entire brand – the iPhone? Did it get the best possible upgrade too, or is there more work to be done?

Opinions are mixed so far. The reviews are reluctantly vague still, as no one wants to put a permanent stamp on their current evaluation. After all, iOS is constantly evolving and its fans don’t want to be rash. Then again, everyone that doesn’t have or use iOS 11 yet wants to know all about it. But do they really want to know? You’ll be the judge of that.

Virtual Reality Update

Apple wants to immerse us in their technology as much as possible, and they’ve been working hard on making that possible. The various new VR updates feature a ton of content, most of it available for free. With iOS 11, the users can truly feel as if they’re on another planet. Yet at what cost does that come?

Incredibly Short Battery Life

Even in technology, there always has to be a balance. iPhones with iOS 11 are for the most part powerful and miniature supercomputers, capable of flat-out incredible uses. All that jazz, however, drains your battery.

A graph based on the varying experiences of numerous iOS 11 users gave us a clear idea about this issue. It looks like iOS 10 drains the battery at the rate of 0.006958% per second. Its evolved successor, though, drains 0.01739 battery percent every moment. The average lifespan of an iOS 11-fueled phone is 100 hours of consistent use. Meanwhile, iOS 10 actually boasts 250 hours of uncharged use. This is definitely bad news for Apple aficionados

“So? I’ll just use my device on the charger!” Fair point, but the fact is that kind of use eventually kills ordinary battery life. Just like overcharging is bad and unnecessary, charger use has its limits. This isn’t just a rule for Apple’s products, everything with a battery would actually agree. Your battery is like a ticking clock. By using it while on the charger, you are increasing the rate at which it deteriorates. Even good batteries can only take so much heat at once, so users ought to be mindful of that.

Then, how does one think about this detail and avoid too much use of their favorite product? Right after iOS 11’s release, just like that? Yes and no, it’s simple.

Make Peace with The Facts

As things stand right now, iOS 11 is not a viable operating system for needy users. As for those that can’t wait to open up the new office app (for example) but want to explore it for hours, they’ll have to hold on for a little. Of course, Apple isn’t ignoring the pleads of its customers and the angry complaints of impatient fans.

Apple is working on an update that’s supposed to solve the battery drain problem, for the most part. Another part of reality in this scenario is the fact that it’s not just a one-patch problem. Apple will take a long time to completely root out this setback, and the users will have to wait for that.

It’s a clear equation in the very end. If you want to trade hours of use for improved speed and compatibility, you’re welcome to do so. A lot of users are already sifting through the update, but more than half is actually holding back. For good reason, it seems.

Ultimately, every iPhone user relies on their device because of its near-unparalleled performance. If you want a long-lasting device that can still offer a multitude of services, stick to iOS 10.

We can expect Apple to maintain its effort on resolving this issue for another year at the least. Even after September 19th, 2018, Apple will likely still be releasing performance enhancement updates. Roll with the old’ faithful or jump right into the shaky but mesmerizing future – the choice is all yours.


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