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Apple iOS 11.0.1 Release: Should You Upgrade?

Apple iOS 11.0.1 Release: Should You Upgrade?


Since the release of iOS 11, Apple has pushed out a fix. The maintenance update for iPhones and iPads fixes a lot of small bugs.

iOS 11.0.1: Maintenance update to fix bugs

Apple has provided an update for its new mobile operating system with iOS 11.0.1. Shortly after the release, many users reported on reduced battery life, which was often the case in previous iOS updates.

The changelog for the update does not contain any specific information about the changes. According to the company information, errors have been fixed and performance improved. In addition, Apple shares in a support document that issues with Exchange servers have been fixed.

iOS 11.0.1: No new features on board

According to blogger Filipe Esposito, the focus is primarily on troubleshooting the photo app and camera. It will also be optimizations for iMessage app Explorer and springboard too.

The update to iOS 11.0.1 is now available to all users of a compatible iPhone and iPad for download. Developers and testers of the iOS 11 Beta version will not be able to install the fresh update until you remove the beta user profile from the settings and restart the device.

iOS 11 is spreading rapidly: a little over a week after the official release, it is already installed on nearly 25 percent of all Apple devices. At the end of last week it was still 16 percent.

In any case, we recommend upgrading to IOS 11.0.1 for all users of a compatible device to experience a better user experience.

Apple launches the iOS 11.0.2 update that solves various errors

Now there is a new update to iOS 11.0.2 available that fixes a number of problems.

This new update corrects the errors that have been discovered after the official launch of iOS 11 by the public. The main problem that was solved was the problem reported by some users of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus who heard a static noise coming from the headset when making a phone call or FaceTime.

Now, after the update this problem has been solved and you will no longer hear that crackling sound when making phone calls. In addition, this update to iOS 11.0.2 also brings solutions to other problems.

If you want to download the update to iOS 11.0.2 on your phone, just go to Configuration – General and Software Update to start downloading the latest version of the Apple operating system


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