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Apple Expected to Release iPad Similar to the iPhone X in 2018

Apple Expected to Release iPad Similar to the iPhone X in 2018


A group of people familiar with Apple Inc. has revealed that the company is currently preparing a redesigned iPad, to be released next year. The sources of this information have asked not to be identified as the iPad makeover plans have not been made public by Apple as yet.

According to the sources, the new high-end iPad will incorporate popular iPhone X features, like facial recognition and a more sleek design. The people have said the updated iPad will most likely be released later in 2018. If this is true, its release will be almost a year after the latest iPad Pro upgrade of 2017.

Why Another Upgrade?

The iPad was Apple’s second-largest product line as of 3 years ago. Since 2015, however, demand for iPads has decreased and tablet sales have dropped by 17%. With the introduction of the iPad Pro, iPad sales have increased by 14%, with the increase in the sale of iPads going up by 11%. This raises the question of why another iPad makeover is necessary.

The answer is probably that Apple still believes the iPad is the future of computing. By upgrading the features of the device, they hope it will appeal to more business users. With the introduction of Face ID and a faster processor, it is likely that the new iPad could be even more appealing to the professional market, than previous models.

What To Expect

According to the anonymous sources, at least one of the updated iPad models will share the iPad Pro’s 10.5-inch size and the iPhone X’s Face ID feature. This feature will replace the home button with a fingerprint scanner that has been a popular feature on the iPad since 2014. Removing the home button will make the top and bottom edges of the iPad smaller.

The iPad has had the home button since its release in 2010. But change is necessary for iPad to keep up with Apple’s latest technology. Reduced edges will bring the design of an iPad closer to that of the new iPhone X.

With the removal of the Touch ID sensor, along with the home button, the new iPad will use the same multitasking and unlocking gestures as the iPhone X. The previous iPad models required a fingerprint or password to unlock the device. Whereas, Face ID will do this by scanning the user’s face and eyes.

Face ID further enables the user to authenticate payment and send Animojis. These are animated emojis that are based on a user’s speech and facial expressions. Reception of Face ID in the new iPhone X has been positive thus far, and it will probably make the new iPad model a success on the market. But, these plans to include Face ID in the updated iPad could change. This is due to manufacturing and supply constraints of the necessary components for Face ID.

Similar to the iPhone X, the updated iPad is likely to include a faster processor and a graphics processing unit customized for Apple. One anonymous source also claimed that Apple is working on a more advanced version of its Apple Pencil stylus. All in all, these anonymous sources have given us high expectations for the 2018 updated iPad. However, they have also mentioned what should not be expected from the new iPad, to save us from disappointment.

What Not to ExpecT

One of the main enhancements featured in the iPhone X is the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen. This screen allows for more accurate reproduction of color and sharper clarity.

These screens are also much harder to produce in mass amounts than normal liquid-crystal displays. Display makers, including Sharp Corp., LG Electronics Inc., and Japan Display Inc. are likely incapable of supplying tablet-sized OLED screens by 2018.

In fact, Samsung is the only supplier that has the capacity to create the OLED screens for the updated iPads by next year. However, production of these screens is unfortunately limited by financial and technical constraints.

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