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Apple Asked Its Developers To Make SiriKit Compatible Apps For The HomePod

Apple Asked Its Developers To Make SiriKit Compatible Apps For The HomePod


Last week, Apple launched the first beta version of iOS 11.2 that added SiriKit support for HomePod. And now with the introduction of SiriKit feature, Apple has asked its developers team to make sure that there are enough SiriKit compatible apps to work compatibly with HomePod which is expected to launch this December.

Till now, Apple hasn’t provided any specific launch date for the smart speaker. However, as per rumors, the new HomePod is expected to have a price tag of $445 CAD.

SiriKit will allow watchOS and iOS apps to work with Siri that will further help users to perform different tasks using their voice. Both the iOS and watchOS platforms currently hold a wide range of apps that are compatible with the SiriKit framework but when we talk about smart speakers, the list of apps is slightly limited.

Currently, only third-party apps that make use of SiriKit Lists, Notes and Messaging will work with the HomePod. This will allow users to ask HomePod to add an item to a list, create a new note and send a message to a friend.

Meanwhile, Apple developers can test the voice-only experience of their apps using Siri by making use of their headphones and by connecting to an iOS device running iOS 11.2 beta.


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