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Apple And Samsung Head For Yet Another Damages Trial

Apple And Samsung Head For Yet Another Damages Trial


We’ve all heard of the $1 billion scandal that arose between Samsung and Apple after a damages trial. After some hours of looking super official, the judge decided that Samsung should pay up. The word was held, and Samsung did indeed give one billion US dollars to Apple.

However, they did it using three trucks filled with nickels, the amount of which equaled $1 billion in total. It was at that point that the world realized just how great the hate between these two companies is. However, that was only the start of it.

As the years went by, and we got some new iPhones and Samsung Androids, they just kept suing each other. Well, Apple kept suing Samsung, to be more specific. After a while, the world concluded that this will likely never stop.

For as long as the two companies exist, they will definitely keep at it. The reason for this might be something more valuable than just the patent rights. As our research shows, it’s more of a media move than basically anything else.

The ‘protection of intellectual property’ is more or less just an excuse to keep seeking public attention. Of course, both sides are equally culpable in this scenario. We know that for a fact, because whenever Apple would finally quit, Samsung would go on. It’s almost as if they have a secret contract relating to this court war.

As you’ve probably heard many times before, there’s no bad publicity. To anyone that went through this process in their head a few times, it makes sense that there’s just something more about it.

Marketing Tricks

To explain what this actually means, let’s look at the end result of a trial. The company is awarded custody of the patent and they get to flaunt it as their own. Now, the way this influences the media and the consumers is what they’re after.

The contentiousness between the companies is so large that even their consumers fight all the time. Apple lovers will do just about anything to prove that their product is the stuff, and Android users, just about the same. So, whenever a company wins a patent, the consumers of that company will feel more confident in their defense of the product.

Now, we’re not saying that this entire court war is about regular people winning arguments. It’s more like the companies wants them to be able to win arguments, regardless of whether that actually happens. The point itself is credibility.

Everyone will believe in the product that brought something new, no matter what it is. Being able to say that something used worldwide is your actual property will help you imply that you are original. Your product, thus, seems like the best option for a potential consumer.

Here’s an example. You go to a store, and you’re a fan of neither, just looking to get a smartphone. You ask around about the differences, pros and cons of the companies that produce them, and you get answers.

In these answers, the patent awards will matter a lot, and they will surely influence your purchase. The automatic thought following these statements is the insurance of quality of the product you’re buying.

Now that we have this perspective, we can maybe understand the one-billion scandal. It’s not even about the pettiness of Samsung, it’s not that they ‘hate’ their competition. It’s that the money doesn’t actually matter.

They will gain a lot more than just a billion through the publicity they obtained in the process. The same goes for Apple, it doesn’t really matter whether they gave or got the money, they made it to the news anyway.

Show Must Go On

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to understand why Samsung and Apple are at it yet again. They’re looking to sell, and you’re probably looking to buy. It’s super interesting to hear these reports from the front, of the Great Company War, as we’d call it now.

Thus, the crowd gets fired up, and ultimately, whenever Samsung or Apple releases a new phone, there will be an enormous line. Ladies and gentlemen, that is and always will be, the only thing that matters.


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