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Amazon Releases Waterproof Kindle

Amazon Releases Waterproof Kindle


The world’s largest internet market is also the manufacturer of a few products. Kindle is now a 10-year-old product with a vast history of improvements, but the new Kindle Oasis brings the most. During the 10-year period, only four types of this product were released, including the latest one.

This statistic lets the customers know that Amazon takes time developing its products. They don’t make yearly releases for constant income. Instead, they spend a great deal researching the market and the customer’s needs.

The product that comes out addresses these factors as best as possible, which is what makes Kindle popular. For those that don’t know, Kindle is a brand-new way of reading books. Well, after 10 years, not so brand-new really.

However, every time a new version comes out, in a way, it IS a new product. This is because every version features some kind of innovation, all of which make e-reading a world of its own.

Submerge Your Stories

With the new Kindle Oasis, you can dive right underwater and keep reading whatever you like. Amazon released it with a confirmed IPX8 waterproof rating, which is a great deal of fun. IPX8 is the highest waterproof rating out there, and it means complete water immersion.

Actually, IPX-7 means immersion, but only up to a point – >30 minutes, one meter of depth. With IPX8, the product can go up to two meters down, for a whole hour.

We’re not really sure anyone likes reading while diving in the pool, but it’s still a handy feature. Users won’t have to worry about taking their kindle on a speeding boat, reading out in the rain, or in a bathtub. Worthy of mention is also the fact that this is the first waterproof Kindle, ever.

Read With Your Ears

Audible is a website that features thousands upon thousands of audiobooks, with more added every month. The new Kindle now features an Audible immersion, which means audiobooks are now available on the device. In other words, you can now listen to books – in a bathtub.

Audiobooks are a whole new way of intaking written content. While there are sites that make have this function available, it’s still not a very popular method.

Amazon’s belief is that the new Kindle will, among other things, increase the popularity of audiobooks. Kindle has a wide range of consumers, and now they’ll all be able to experience futuristic reading.

Shuffle Through At A Press

Kindle Oasis has another neat function that premiered with it. Its users can now switch pages by simply pressing one of the two side-buttons. On earlier Kindles, this function was available by either swiping or tapping the screen.

This is a significant upgrade because it underlines singlehanded usage of the entire device. As all other tech products, Kindle is focusing on the user’s comfort to garner customers. Amazon couldn’t be prouder of their new product, and for good reason. Kindle is now officially the easiest way to read…basically anything.

The Living Display

Kindle Oasis now has the most adaptive screen as well. No matter the environmental lighting, Oasis’ screen will remain as readable as possible. This is due to the self-adjusted screen backlight, designed to combat various types of light to remove the glare effect.

The letters and their color also come with various adjustments. While reading on a tablet or phone is sort of lifeless, due to the words being stuck to the screen, Kindle is much like a book. There’s an illusion of the words being printed on the screen as if it were actual paper.

The Page Flip

A famous function of Kindle is the so-called “Page Flip”, which is quite improved in the latest version. Page Flip features all kinds of book searching techniques, allowing its users to find anything they want. The best thing is that, while doing this, the user can return to the page they were on in one tap.

The Ultimate Book

With all of the mentioned features in mind, it’s safe to conclude that Kindle is the future of reading. Sure, no device can ever replace an actual book for paper aficionados and those that love the print smell. However, Kindle is now rid of all the disadvantages of an actual book, with most of its fine traits.


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