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Amazon Echo Devices are Now Free from Roaming – Call Landlines and Mobiles for Free

Amazon Echo Devices are Now Free from Roaming – Call Landlines and Mobiles for Free


Amazon is moving upwards in the hardware world. Their intentions of conquering every possible market are evident and show more on a daily basis.

With their recent hardware event, Amazon posed some interesting questions concerning the future of communication. The event boasted several new devices and options. We’re going to cover the even in total, but with one simple focus.

That focus will be on something that Amazon has created, that has left us all in awe. With an official announcement, Jeff Bezos confirmed that Echo devices will now be able to place free voice calls.

Not only will they be free in the United States, but Canada and Mexico will be covered. Any landline or mobile number will be covered by the system. It’s an incredible communication boost and offers immense capabilities to people of all walks of life.

This Alexa improvement may also mean much to the advancement of Amazon and their hardware plans. In order to take a look at the Amazon Echo calling plans, we first have to discuss the Amazon reveal and its consequences.

An event for the ages

The Amazon surprised everyone with an unexpected press event. Unlike Apple, Google and other competitors, Amazon opted for a smaller, more intimate environment. By choosing such an ambient, they wanted to place an emphasis on their most important current goal – communication and closeness.

That was the theme of the entire reveal, as all Echo devices got a makeover, with some significant changes for the better.

There were a few crucial elements that deserve special attention. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we’ve compiled the essential takeaways for these announcements for the Amazon launch event.

The new Echo Spot

It is a sort of a mix between the Echo Dot and the Echo Show. In order to define it, we would choose the term smart alarm clock. It has a tiny 2.5-inch screen and minimalistic, clean curved edges.

It can be used for video calls, voice calls and a nursery camera. It can even be connected to an external sound system for more productive mornings. Imagine hearing your alarm on a surround sound speaker set. It will cost $130.

A new and improved Echo Plus

This is your home hub of the future. Such an incredible device is sold at a reasonable price, given the range at which similar devices are being sold. It will be able to recognize your voice in a far-field range.

Aside from that, it is compatible with many home appliances. A novelty is the so-called routine mode – where you can program a set of commands that correspond to a single one.

Smaller versions of Echo are Coming Out

They will go on sale for only $99 and could be purchased in three-packs for $249. You will have multi-room audio if you connect more than one device. You can get them in metal, wood or with a cloth cover. It only depends on your interior design.

The Alexa assistant in getting integrated into BMW devices

This shows a great way that Amazon is able to infiltrate the highest echelons of every industry facet. Such BMW and Mini vehicles will start being produced in 2018.

Unlimited calling

Alexa has been improved with the new wave of Echo devices. The unlimited calling perk is integrated and works with all landlines and mobile phones in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Such a wide array of carriers and area has never been covered before. Will we see an end to roaming and international call prices? Looks like that just might happen soon.

You will also be able to use your phone number to receive calls from other Echo devices and dial 911 and international or premium rate phone numbers.

The only downside is that you will not be able to receive calls from regular numbers. In order to fix this, you will have the option of buying the Connect Box for only $35.

Unfortunately, text messages are still unavailable. You can only send them from Echo to Echo, no matter the location or length. Many reporters inquired about the text messaging feature, but the only answer was – it’s under construction.



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