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Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in Fierce Battle at CES 2018

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in Fierce Battle at CES 2018


First, it was Siri the voice assistant for the iPhone, she captivated us all. But since then more players have joined the game. There has been Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Bixby to name a few. All of them have their strong and weak points.


Google Assistant Vs Amazon Alexa

With that said, there are only 2 that really dominate the smart home market, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. This was even more apparent during CES 2018. Many tech enthusiasts were more into checking which device won’t have the assistants than which ones do.

The lineup of most of the big gadgets on show featured one of the two aides. This is no surprise as they both are stellar. The battle between the 2 was to be won by the one that could interact with the most devices.

On a quick side note, Amazon Alexa has been able to integrate with a bathroom mirror. Yes, you can now use your assistant in the bathroom. This was done via the cloud service, Kohler. Commands to the smart kitchen taps, toilet as well as shower system could be made via the mirror. Wow, no stone is being left unturned in a mission to have a fully functional smart home.

The battle between Google and Amazon is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future. Each of the 2 giants is trying to take control of the market. More gadgets in CES featured one of the two assistants as a way to interact with the device.



Google Assistant Takes the Lead

Google Assistant seemed to have a stronghold on the smart speaker’s section as Altec Lansing, JBL and LG have chosen to partner with the aide. On top of that, big brands such as LG and Sony have also chosen to work with Google Assistant for their own line of devices. The statement was made clear as LG invited Google to the stage at its press conference in CES 2018. This was a privilege given to Amazon last year to showcase Alexa in LG devices.

Google also got a big win as Android Auto is being added to more car entertainment systems. If you don’t know, Android Auto is a system that provides you with an android like experience in your car. Put simply, you get to have a hands-free means to check and utilize the Google suite of apps.

Google Assistant also seems to be showing up on more displays in CES 2018. This might be because YouTube is blocked on all Amazon’s Alexa Powered Echo Snow devices, thus giving Google an advantage. YouTube is the biggest online video platform. It won’t be too much of a stretch to think that people don’t want to miss out on enjoying it.

Amazon Alexa is on More Devices

We’re sure we painted a picture of Google being on top, but that is far from the case. Amazon seems to have taken a different strategy to embed them in the smart home. Alexa’s reach goes a lot further than that of the Google Assistant.

The number of devices shipping Alexa is a lot broader. They range from bathroom products to house appliances. For instance, an LG fridge that’s going to pack Amazon Alexa. It seems Amazon is gaining market share by targeting “white good” products and making them smarter.

Another win for Amazon Alexa is that Vuzix, the maker of the $1000 smart glasses, has chosen them instead of Google.

Not every manufacturer is keen to use either one. Whirlpool, the creator of the smart range oven and microwave allows users to pick between the two when setting up voice activation.

What to Expect; Google Assistant Vs. Amazon Alexa

Looking Forward analysts wonder whether Amazon is going to be able to maintain their growth. This is because of the limited and poor language support on the Alexa. It’s going to be tough for them when breaking out to other markets apart from Europe and the US.

The same can’t be said about Google that has one of the best language supports (at least when compared to the other Assistants).

What about the Other Voice Assistants?

We feel it obligatory to talk about the other assistants that we had mentioned earlier. Siri isn’t doing well as it struggles to complete outside of the iPhone.

Bixby is still very young and can only be found in Samsung products as the company tries to push the assistant to consumers. Finally, Cortana seems to be on her knees as Alexa gets added to PCs such as Acer, Asus and HP.

The competition is fierce, but considering the data that large audiences can provide. It’s no wonder that tech companies are looking to have a piece of the smart home cake.


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