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All OnePlus 5 Models Go Out of Stock: Is the OnePlus 6 Coming Soon?

All OnePlus 5 Models Go Out of Stock: Is the OnePlus 6 Coming Soon?


The OnePlus 5 phone has become a firm favorite amongst consumers since its release in mid-June 2017. However, with stock levels beginning to dip and its disappearance looming, rumors are circulating of the unveiling of a new updated model.

Out with the old: Say goodbye to the OnePlus 5

As a top choice of smartphone amongst consumer over the past few months, the OnePlus 5 is cost-effective at $480 while offering a host of great features. The OnePlus 5 offers zippy performance, great battery life, and an awesome camera, making it look and feel just like a flagship model.

The sad news for residents of the United States is that the phone is completely out of stock and no longer available for purchase. While the OnePlus 5 may still be available in other regions around the world, their stock is limited and is looking to head in the same direction as the US very soon. The UK is already experiencing low stock levels, making the extinction of the OnePlus 5 inevitable.

While there is no comment from OnePlus as to why stock levels are so low, speculation points towards the release of a new model. Could there be a OnePlus 6 in the pipeline? If so, we expect the release to be sometime soon.

If their track record is anything to go by, the new phone should be released between the end of 2017 and mid-2018. The OnePlus 3 model was released in June of 2016 with the OnePlus 3T not far behind in November 2016, followed by the OnePlus 5 in June 2017.

Speculation would point to either a OnePlus 5T release around November 2017 or a OnePlus 6 model during the course of 2018. These details are yet to be confirmed by the Chinese manufacturing giant BBK Electronics who owns not only OnePlus but phone brands Vivo and OPPO too.

In with the new: Hello to the new OnePlus 6!

Vivo and OPPO have already announced the launch of their new models. If history is anything to go by, the new OnePlus model should follow their release complete with a similar design. Vivo’s Live x 20 and OPPO F5 showcase a design that is almost borderless accompanied by medium-high technical specifications.

Without any definite rumors doing the rounds, it is difficult to speculate on any of the features the new OnePlus model may feature. What does make sense is that the phone is likely to keep the dual lens camera based on its success with the OnePlus 5.

Whether or not they will upgrade to a 2K screen display is debatable, although it would be great for VR functionality and ensuring the phone remain flagship quality.

Founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, has possibly given out some clues on Reddit asking users where they would prefer the fingerprint scanner to be located, as well as conducting a poll on Twitter asking whether users like a headphone jack or not. The result was a resounding yes.

When it comes to the price of a new model, it is safe to say it is likely to increase somewhat. Entering the market at around $229 in 2014, the OnePlus range has increased in price to around $480 in 2017. The manufacturer would be foolish to sell for anything lower than $480. Predictions for this new handset are around $500 for the OnePlus 6.

Pei has explained that with costs increasing year on year, it will be necessary to increase their prices to avoid selling at a loss while continuing to offer customers the flagships handsets that they have come to love and enjoy.

If you have your heart set on the OnePlus 5 handset, you better hurry to get your hands on one. On the other hand, if you are set to wait it out a little longer, you could be rocking the latest OnePlus device in the near future.






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