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Ads are coming to Facebook Messenger’s home screen

Ads are coming to Facebook Messenger’s home screen


Messenger Ads will appear on the initial screen of the ‘app’ and will offer users the possibility to converse with the business through the advertisement itself.

Facebook has announced the global launch of the beta version for Messenger Ads, the service of advertising through the official ‘app’ to chat with brands and businesses from mobile devices through the social network.

This beta is presented as the step prior to the inclusion of advertising in an application used by more than 1.2 billion people worldwide.

The social network intends that this novelty serves to build new and creative ways to help businesses and developers to connect with users on the mobile app, as explained through its website.

“People spend time on Messenger interacting with the businesses and brands they like, and now they will have the opportunity to discover experiences directly in their home tab,” explained Facebook.

The company has detailed the features included in this advertising extension on its chat platform. Messenger Ads will appear on the initial screen of the app and will give users the ability to access websites or have personal conversations with businesses through the advertisement itself. In addition, the new feature will open a chat in the application when interacting with an ad on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger itself.

Companies have told us they are very excited about the potential of the Messenger platform to reach out to customers and help them drive sales, build brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction. Our current offers, such as the ads that lead people to Messenger conversations from their Facebook news feed, and sponsored messages, have shown that people are interested in listening and interacting with companies and brands in Messenger.

Until the end of July, a small percentage of users of the app will start to see ads on their home tab. Over the next few months, Facebook will gradually incorporate Messenger Ads to all users.

At the moment the first ads have begun to appear in Australia and Thailand, although it is expected that during the next few hours the advertising of Messenger begins to reach all the countries of the world.

The ads – which are not exactly small – will take up most of the app’s home screen; though Facebook says there will be no advertising inside the conversations.


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