1. Camera+

The first app we’ll recommend and obviously the best camera app you can get for your iPhone X is Camera+! This photo editing app has a wider range of features than the native editor. With Camera+ you get Clarity Pro a feature that can make not so bright looking photos turn to good quality HD images!

  1. Pocket

The pocket is exactly as its name suggests it’s a pocket! With this app you can save almost any content you find on the Internet. This tool helps is great for anyone who likes saving web pages for later reading. Pocket doesn’t just save websites; it also creates a hip magazine like feel like it’s displayed. You can also save videos online and watch them later without having a data connection.

  1. Housecraft

This app makes use of the iPhone X’s augmented reality function. With it, you can add different types of furniture in your house to see how it will look like before you buy it. You can also get to make your “furniture” in different sizes and colors. Ever wondered how your room would like after a tornado? Well, Housecraft has got your back with their Disaster feature.

  1. Netflix

You still get to watch movies wherever you go on your iPhone X! Netflix still has their wide range of series and movies on their iPhone app. Movies and other shows can also be saved for later viewing without the need for an Internet connection. Even better your Netflix experience won’t be interrupted by any ads!

  1. YouTube

Great news for all fans of YouTube channels and cat videos, you too won’t be missing out on anything if you’ve got an iPhone X! Google has made the YouTube app to be able to play videos in full-screen mode without any content being hidden. The developers also made the resolution options go up to 1440p.

The following games don’t just work well on the iPhone X, they’re fun to play!

  1. A Dark Room

Well, the title pretty much sums up where the game starts and how. The game doesn’t have any graphics but a story in which you have choices to make. At first, it’s all about survival, then you get a town started after that the world is yours for exploring!

  1. 80 Days

If you haven’t read Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne this game is perfect for you! Even if you have already read it, you’ll still have fun playing. Here you play as Passepartout but there are more options and possibilities in the game so it won’t be like reading the book again.

  1. Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption

This isn’t your ordinary attach bait and cast a line type of fishing game. The main aim of this game is to make your lure go as deep as you can in the water avoiding fish. Once your hook touches a fish it automatically reels in and you have to catch as many as possible fish on the way up! With this going on the game just gets even crazier and “Ridiculous”!

  1. Reigns

In Reigns, you’re a king and you have to make decisions that will affect your kingdom with just one swipe left or right. You will be deciding on matters pertaining your kingdoms finances and military. To make decisions that will either keep your people happy or the church. Besides just being a fun game to play you have found out why you keep getting reincarnated as different kings and break that curse.

  1. Legend of Grimrock

If you’re a fan of RPG games like Diablo you’re in for a treat! In the Legend you’re part of a group of four prisoners. Your main goal is to break out of prison but it won’t be easy… There’s a number of traps, guards, and monsters that don’t want to see you out or alive.



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