In the last couple of months, Netflix started rolling out HDR support updates for few smartphones including Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG G6. And now, the company updated its support page to confirm that the HDR support is now extended to two new devices i.e. Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Sony Xperia XZ1.

Till now, the HDR feature is limited to a certain number of apps on Play Store including Netflix and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was the first device that got official support for HDR streaming.

Netflix’s HDR streaming features enable users to view pictures/videos with a higher dynamic range as compared to the standard video. It also enhances the visual experience by letting the user see darker darks and brighter highlights while streaming videos.

To stream Netflix in HDR user needs to update the official Netflix app to its latest 5.0 version from the Google Play Store.


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