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6 Helpful Ways to Free up Storage on Your Mobile Device

6 Helpful Ways to Free up Storage on Your Mobile Device


It is a common occurrence for your mobile phone, tablet or even your laptop to slow down with age. With the natural progression of technology, you can expect your device to slow down or begin to not work as well as it did when you originally bought it.

There are a wide variety of reasons to explain what is causing your device to perform slowly or inadequately. Many of these you can actually fix yourself without having to take your phone, tablet or computer in for repairs. As most of the time it has to do with the device’s storage.

So, before you rush out the door to the repair store, take a look at these 6 helpful ways to free up storage on your device that will help speed it up and function almost as new again.

1. Assess the Memory

Most devices, especially Galaxy and iPhone, have a section in the settings that show exactly how much memory is available, how much you are using and which applications or programmes are using that memory. This is a great indicator of your device’s memory use and how you can remedy the problem. You will be able to see if it is your videos or images that are using up memory or if it is a particular application you have installed.

2. Part with your Videos

Believe it or not, videos are one of the most unsuspecting causes of slowing down your device. Sometimes just a single video can be too large for the overall storage dedicated to memory. This can directly affect the speed of your device. So, look at deleting some videos, or moving them off the device in question to external storage to speed things up.

3. Say Goodbye to Unused Apps

We all have an app or two on our device that we never use, but keep ‘just in case’. It is best to simply part with all unnecessary apps for the good of your device. It is not worth keeping apps ‘just in case’ if they are detrimental to the functioning of the apps you do in fact use. An app overload will slow your phone down with time, so rather stick to the bare minimum. You can always download the apps from the store when you do really need them. Paid apps will remain linked to your account, so don’t worry about losing them, as long as you use the same store ID to download.

  1. Clean up your Images

There is no doubt that images accumulate over time and cause your device to slow down. Rather than storing all your images on your phone, back them up to your computer or an external storage device for safe keeping. In addition, you will also be doing your phone a favour by freeing up more memory.

  1. Update your Music

Music is another culprit for hogging device memory. If you can, rather store it in cloud storage. Alternatively, move it to your computer or external storage. It may be a difficult task to delete older music from your device, but this can be highly beneficial to the device’s memory.

  1. Update your Software

Regular software changes can become a nuisance and annoying. However, these updates can be highly beneficial to your device and its performance. Any cell phone repair service will recommend that you upgrade the device software before looking into any other repairs as this can solve a vast array of issues you may be experiencing. This upgrade can ensure that you will no longer experience issues or bugs associated with the old version of the software. More often than not, an issue with phone speed is due to the underlying problems with the software.

These are just a few points to look into when improving your device’s performance. They can be highly beneficial to implement before you spend unnecessary time and money on repairs.


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