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5 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer


Whether it’s the new brand new iPhone X or the older iPhone 6 Plus, battery longevity problems are still some of the major topics of discussion among iPhone fans today. Users have always complained about how quickly the ‘healthy’ green bar turns an ‘alarming’ red, sometimes in a matter of minutes. The battery just doesn’t last long enough, most say, to support a day’s worth of phone usage.

Thankfully, some users have found out how to keep their batteries shining green for longer, and they’ve shared how they do it. Some of the methods you’ve probably been applying, like quitting apps you’re not using, don’t really work. If your iPhone battery now runs faster than an athlete on drugs, try these 5 tips to keep it in check.

Some bits you must know about battery drain: Screen brightness, background app action, push app notifications, location services, Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity are some of the major causes of swift battery drain.

1.    Control the Screen Brightness

Your iPhone’s display, whether it’s 4 or 6 inches, chips away at the battery more than you might imagine. The pixels that make up that beautiful screen resolution require enough battery to run through the day, and that is enough to add strain to your battery.

Apple helps you with your brightness with its ‘Auto Brightness’ feature, but it only goes as far in saving your battery. You can go a step further and manually lower the brightness whenever you don’t need it.

2.    Stop background app action, including location tracking

A lot happens in the background of an iPhone in use, most of which involves uploading, downloading, automatic iCloud backups, automatic downloads and more. Most apps also run in the background (we see you, Facebook!), and their actions drains more battery than you’d expect. Even super helpful features like Background App Refresh are notorious for chewing away at your battery.

You can slow down your battery drainage by turning off all these features, and opening them later when you really need them. You can also turn off background actions for the most notorious apps one by one.

3.    Turn push email and app notifications off

The iPhone gives you a provision to fetch emails automatically, which is quite efficient if you want to stay on top of your emails. Apps also give you the option to send push notifications, but as you might have discovered, they eat away at your battery a lot.

Turn off push notifications for all apps (except those you can’t go without) and opt for manual fetching of emails and apps instead.

4.    Disconnect completely with airplane mode or Turn off your WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile connectivity

One major fact is that when your iPhone connects to a network, it’s battery drains even faster than usual. But connecting to a network is unavoidable, unless you don’t use your iPhone for making calls.

WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular networks and mobile networks are all considered under networks, owing to their need for connectivity to signals. WiFi, in particular drains a lot of battery as it searches for – and clings to – signals everywhere.

One way to manage this is by turning these features off right after your phone charges fully. You can also go full force and enable ‘Airplane Mode’, which will turn all those features off at once. (You can reopen each feature separately after)

5.    Turn on Low Power Mode

When Apple released iOS 9, one of its major highlights was the Low Power Mode feature, a battery saving feature that automatically turns on when the battery reaches 20%.

To save your battery juice, you can always turn Low Power Mode on before it goes down to 20%. The feature does all the hard work for you, turning off Siri, automatic downloads, Background App Refresh, and other unnecessary apps in favour of apps and services you need more.

Some additional tips:

Turn off motion and notification sounds

With iOS 8 in the parallax, or the wallpapers that seem to move behind the apps. It’s a beautiful feature, but also quite battery draining. So are the vibrations and sounds that the iPhone allows you to set for your ringtones and notifications.

  • You can always visit ‘Settings’ and turn the motion and notifications off if you don’t need them. Other ways you can slow battery drainage is by turning off location settings and location services for apps until you really need them.


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Good luck!


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