Home Apps 5 Virtual Reality Apps For Your Smart Phone – Give 360° Twirl To Virtual Reality You Deserve
5 Virtual Reality Apps For Your Smart Phone – Give 360° Twirl To Virtual Reality You Deserve

5 Virtual Reality Apps For Your Smart Phone – Give 360° Twirl To Virtual Reality You Deserve


Virtual reality is today’s trigger to satisfy never-ending crave of the grey matter for the entertainment. Anyone with an android or iOS smart phone can enjoy the fidelity of virtual reality. Of course, you do not need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy Vive or Rift for that matter.

A simple Google cardboard box VR headset, a Bluetooth remote, and your smart phone are well capable of changing the dynamism of your entertainment forever. However, you need to add some virtual reality apps to your smart phone to give a 360° twirl to the virtual reality you deserve.

Google Cardboard

Google beats the drum again with the Google Cardboard app. This user-friendly interface is available for android and iOS devices. In fact, this smart phone app reduces the learning curve extensively making the introduction to the world of virtual reality simple even for a novice user. Another advantage of relying on Google Cardboard is it provides an updated list of various apps compatible to Cardboard. Fun never stops when Google serves the right entertainment in a platter full of choices.


You cannot overlook YouTube in any case when virtual reality entertainment spike matters the most. YouTube has been providing various 360° virtual reality videos. Well, the options are unlimited. You name it and YouTube has it ready for you. This YouTube app is available for android and iOS devices. Therefore, feel free to try it once before looking for any other apps or options. In fact, installing this app promises hundreds of hours of thrill and non-stop excitement.


Otherworld Interactive, the developer of the game Sisters offers heart throbbing experience of truly impressive audio and 360-degree visuals taking the virtual reality thrill a step ahead. The app comes with look-based control making the game play smooth and easy. Further, you do not need additional game controllers too. The app is available for android and iOS devices and it is very compatible with Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets. However, you need to use a headset to experience the Sisters at its best. Well, let the brave-hearts enter the digitally painted spooky environment and faint-hearts stay away.

News and Documentaries

Feeling the vibe of the virtual reality is possible these days with various news and documentary VR apps available on Google Play or Apple store. These apps create a true 360° environment making you feel the story instead of simply viewing or listening to it. Some apps that can rock your world are VRSE, NYT VR, Discovery VR, or Jaunt VR. Explore these options to entertain or educate yourself on the go. Grab these apps and switch your smart phone into a new edge of technology you deserve.


Fulldive blends virtual reality with the social connections. It not only offers to add the virtual reality touch to everything you do on your smart phone like stream 360° videos, surf internet in VR way, access and launch VR apps, VR photo gallery, and VR Camera. Further, Fulldive makes going social simple by sharing the thrill with your friends. You can follow your friends, react, comment, and share your favorite videos as well. Fulldive is available free for android and iOS phones.

These apps truly turn on non-stop excitement and thrill by giving a brand new 360° perspective missing from your life. Therefore, go ahead and explore these apps on your smart phone to make it your true entertainment companion.


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