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3 Tips On Why Your Smartphone Seems To Slow Down As It Ages

3 Tips On Why Your Smartphone Seems To Slow Down As It Ages


As with most things in life, as cell phones get dated, their functioning speeds tend to slow down. This is a problem which is not limited to cell phones, but for an object which humans use for so many daily tasks, this can be quite annoying if it is not working at its optimum rate.

Over the years, signs will begin to appear in your phone’s usage that it is experiencing symptoms causing it to slow down. The signs of this happening include the occurrence of frozen screens applications which load slowly, often excruciatingly so, or problems occurring with messenger apps, including the failure to receive and deliver messages.

Important to keep up with the technological changes

With the rate that technology changes in contemporary times, it is hardly a surprise that the functionality of cell phones gradually gets worse over the years. Cell phone producers are continually on the job of updating both the hardware and software of their products in order to bring you the best model of phones they can.

This does mean, however, that their older models often cannot keep up with the improvement in applications and software. This is because updating an older phone’s hardware is not feasible to do every few months, whereas buying a phone every year or two is for many people.

The process of a phone losing its functionality and slowing down is a gradual one which is often hard to pick up on or change. Little by little, smartphones tend to lose their speed as their operating systems cannot stand up to the demands of updated technology.

This also occurs from a developer’s stand point as they begin to phase out their own outdated apps and software. As new phones are released on a yearly basis, developers will move away from developing apps which function on older software. Rather their focus will turn to the creation of technology which works on the latest mobile platforms.

Sadly though, there are cases where our old phones are the phones we use and having a slow phone is not ideal in our fast-paced world. So, today we are going to advise you on the top three ways in which our cell phones seem to slow down as they age, and how to remedy this.

Unused Applications

Having an older phone may potentially mean that it has a number of applications either pre-installed or just left over from when it was previously used.

Old applications which are found on phones are bad for a phone’s CPU, especially outdated apps which do not work towards the optimization of a phone’s performance. Removing these apps is the first and easiest way, towards ensuring that your cell phone is performing at its peak.

Background Applications Using Power

Older phones typically will in most cases have a CPU and RAM, which is less advanced than the current technology out there. These are the two key functioning parts of a cell phones computing power which regulate a number of functions it can perform at any time.

If an older phone is loaded with updated apps, the outdated CPU and RAM won’t be able to work to its best functioning. This is especially true when a number of power hungry apps are running at one time. Try and use your phone for one function at a time, this will ensure that the CPU is focused on the one app that will be running.

Low Storage Space

Having an older phone will probably mean the storage space available on the phone will be a lot lower than that of more current models. Once a phone’s storage has reached its limit, it struggles to perform at its best.

This can be identified when the phone is sluggish and slow. Make sure to regularly ensure that there is no redundant data or applications on your phone. Applications tend to take up quite a bit of space, so try and ensure there are no unnecessary applications which are loaded on your phone.

Videos and photographs is a second space where storage can be easily lost. Either back your videos and images up on your computer or, if they are unwanted images, delete them off your phone.



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