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3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Today

3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Today


Android is the most popular operating system, but it has its flaws. Sometimes, these flaws can become so annoying that people want to migrate. Security and privacy usually drive people to try the wonders of OS, but to no avail. Many people don’t find it especially satisfactory. This is mostly due to price and some other annoying details. Where to next?

Many have forgotten that Linux smartphone OSs are even a thing. They are one of the most underrated creations of the modern tech world. They are all open source, which is a big deal for more and more people every day.

Not having to pay for software is a big deal. Next in the line of features are security and privacy. It’s not easy to hack into a Linux OS.

Moreover, they are also less prone to viruses. This is because of the base of the OS itself. Another important thing to consider is that Linux is basically a pure Android. In its early days, Android was almost identical to Linux.

Even today, it’s based on the Linux kernel. Be how it may be, we’ve chosen 3 of the best Linux Operating Systems. They are easy to use, fun and interactive. Let us know which one you like the most.

Ubuntu Touch (by UBports)

Many times, Ubuntu Touch was maligned by false starts. It still lives on in its full power. Although it is maintained by UBports, it isn’t anything less than spectacular. It provides a few unique details that will make you want to find out more.

For starters, It’s completely devoid of useless apps. That lack of apps is evident and makes up for an intelligent approach to smartphone technology. Around the OS, there is lots of data that is usually wasted in idle and useless apps. Enter Scopes.

What are Scopes, you ask? Well, think of them as an alternative to widgets. They provide everything you need right there on the home screen. What’s most exciting is Convergence.

This is a wireless connectivity system with many benefits. It allows you to connect many other devices to the smartphone. Keyboards, monitors and much more come to mind.

There aren’t many devices with Ubuntu pre-installed. The most significant are the Nexus 5 and the Meizu Pro 5.

Sailfish OS

This weird OS is the child of an equally weird collaboration. Jolla, Mer, and the Sailfish Alliance have joined forces to create a new OS. It’s based on the ashes of the old MeeGo operating system. Linux aficionados might know it as a derivate of Maemo and Moblin

What’s great about this OS is that you can use many Android apps on it. This fixes perhaps the biggest knock on Linux. People have always avoided this great build because of a lack of compatibility. Having such a revolutionary feature might allow people to switch to Sailfish faster.

It’s armed with a fresh design and a relentless speed, worthy of even the best Android and iOS versions. Because it’s the same build as Maemo, you can use it on older Nokia phones, too.

It’s a good revival project if you don’t want to throw devices away. Experts also cite it as a great place to begin practicing app development. Give it a try, it’s easy to install.

Plasma Mobile

When Ubuntu officially abandoned Ubuntu Touch, it was Plasma’s turn to shine. It became the paradigm for all open source mobile operating systems. The Linux world is usually a mess and it needs a clear leader. If maintained right, Plasma Mobile can take that role with ease.

Plasma recently collaborated with Intel to bring their OS to the newest Intel PC devices and tablets. This should give them an additional boost for financing their smartphone OS.

What’s unique about this OS is the ability to use desktop widgets and apps. It’s like having a cross-device account. Something like this was recently introduced by Apple. Plasma gives you a sleek design along with lots of convenience.

It’s important to have an easy access to all your files and data. By having lots of data, you will lose time going from phone to tablet and vice-versa. Plasma Mobile just might be the cure to that illness.


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