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10 Most Useful Android Apps

10 Most Useful Android Apps


Whenever you purchase a new phone, it starts off as a tabula rasa – meaning that you only get the basis. The core of every smartphone and its benefits are its applications. Google allows anyone to create apps and put them on the Play Store. Even though this move has led to an influx good app, it also created confusion.

With thousands of apps for every purpose, it’s hard to decide which one to get and which is the most useful. That’s why we’ve decided to tackle one of the most prominent smartphone problems. What apps are the most useful? Through hours of research, queries, and advice, we came up with the results.

We’ve decided to exclude almost all default apps of the Android OS. This is simply because everyone who’s about them and they are included with every phone. Some are better known, some less, but all are essential and useful. It’s high time that you improve your smartphone experience.

  1. Comixology Comics

Comic books are always going to be in fashion. They’re an art form that is seemingly impossible to die. Well, now you don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting in stores. For $5.99 a month you can get every single title that’s out there. Marvel, DC and every other publisher sync their publications with this app. A great bargain!

  1. Evernote

Many note applications do only that. Evernote should be an essential on your list because it combines so many features into one. It’s a lit keeper, note taker, voice recorder, to-do manager and webpage clipper. It even has optical character recognition, which makes you scan photos for text. You can scan every important paper and save it to your phone.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Although everyone knows about, not many people know all its benefits. For starters, you don’t need an account to use it. You can also have it as your SMS service, instead of the regular Messaging app. Facebook Messenger is also filled with other perks like video and voice calls. It’s also armed with a secret message service that can’t be read either by neither Facebook nor the FBI.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is an essential app for all the users. Aside from the regular cloud service, you can create and edit files. The powerful mobile office suite is simple, useful and efficient. Plus, you get the ultimate sync option for all your devices.

  1. LastPass

Passwords carry two major problems – you either forget them or you have the same one for everything. Thankfully, both problems can be gone using the LastPass password manager. It can generate new ones, save old ones and fill out the login blanks for you.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is the undisputed king of video streaming. They have a massive library of TV shows and movies, rendering TVs useless. They also produce their own original series. It’s no longer a streaming service either. Now, they let you download your favorite shows for online watching.

  1. NordVPN

Google and antivirus companies have done a great job of preventing malware. Unfortunately, Android is defenseless against public WiFi. You can’t tell who is tracking and collecting your data. The best part? You can hide your IP and get access to region-locked content.

  1. Instagram

There hasn’t been an app that’s this diverse and unique. You can find everything on Instagram. From alternative art to regular updates by celebrities. Instagram combines show business and mainstream media with art. They do so in an excellent and well-devised way.

  1. Duolingo

Ever run into problems when in a foreign country? Well, you won’t have to ever again. Duolingo offers free, short lessons of many of the world’s languages. It’s completely free and everything you learn sticks. Before your next trip, download this free app and get to know the region you’re traveling to.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is great for many reasons. It has both free and paid versions, and it has every genre possible. We cross-referenced every possible music streaming service and Spotify has the richest catalog. You can also enjoy shared playlists with friends or even beat-matching workout music. Spotify is truly the music of the future.


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