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10 Best Educational Apps for Your Phone

10 Best Educational Apps for Your Phone


Using your smartphone for learning purposes makes too much sense. Before, we were limited with heavy books. They were big in size and weren’t so easily available. But, the smartphone has a distinct advantage – you’re able to carry it anywhere. Gone are the days of thinking of your phone as just a communication tool. It’s a pocket computer, in every way. And what’s the biggest benefit of every computer? The learning possibilities.

Whether it be for school, college or spare time, there are educational apps of all sorts. Some may be better than others, but all serve the ultimate goal- enriching your knowledge. You can use them for classes, while on the train or as an addition to studying. They are versatile and can be used for a million purposes. It’s your choice, but one thing is sure – you will be a much more knowledgeable person after trying them out!


Free knowledge is the best. Coursera devised an excellent method to help and educate people around the globe. It’s like a free online school, with thousands of courses. Technology? Languages? History? You name it, they have it. If you want some of the premium courses, you can pay a small price.


One of the most famous and useful apps ever, is a linguist’s most pleasant dream. You can conquer over 20 languages using simple, but intricate courses and tasks. Teachers and professors around the world use it in class. There are no adds, no-nonsense, no nothing. Open-source learning at its finest.

Khan Academy

Ever wanted to learn about programming or Italian history but didn’t have the money? No worries, Khan Academy has you covered. Over 10000 videos are at your disposal and you get a unique chance to experiment with new features. No hidden fees, no pyramid schemes – just a serious focus on education and broadening the horizons.




People usually feel uneasy when faced with a paying app. That stigma deserves to go away, especially in Lynda’s case. This stellar app specializes in work-related skills training. Coding, technology, and science are the main focus of this brilliant invention. You can get free content, but full access is $25 per month. Still cheaper than college.


The most annoying thing about practicing math is to analyze complicated processes. Finding a mistake can take lots of time. Not with PhotoMath. This app uses your camera to scan your problem and help you come up with the solution. It doesn’t only provide you with the final answer – it shows the whole process. Want pro features? Only $0.99 and you’re covered forever.


Ever wanted to learn to code and get the necessary knowledge yourself? Yes? Well, no need to worry about paying thousands of dollars for it. This app will teach you everything you need about coding. It isn’t just empty knowledge; you can use it for work, too. On top of all that, the app has its own sub-apps for every computer language.


When Google partners up with a company or join projects, you know they’re serious. Udacity provides you with an intensive course system aimed at in-demand job skills. They hand out globally recognized degrees on the completion of every course. Some courses are free, but the bigger ones will cost a few dollars. Seems reasonable compared to most courses and training programs.


Udemy has grown in popularity a lot in recent years. It’s focused on skill-based learning. App development, cooking, public speaking and more all are included. The majority of courses are free, but the more intricate ones cost money. Every course revolves around video lectures. You can watch them while relaxing and immersing yourself into the subject. Easy and educational, what’s better than that combo?


You probably didn’t expect this one, right? As far as most people are concerned, YouTube is a service for viral videos and entertainment. But, most of us forget that YouTube is the best thing that has ever happened to education. It’s literally a service for everything, including immense knowledge source. People and institutions upload educational content all the time. It’s there, you just have to dig deep.


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