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10 Android Apps Worth Paying For

10 Android Apps Worth Paying For


Something that Android users are used to is not paying for apps or content. While it is important that there are free apps and free content, paying for apps has its benefits.

For starters, here’s a stat. A company always releases an iPhone app first because Apple users are more willing to pay. Money means more creative freedom for the developer. More freedom exists because of increased resources. All these results into a better application experience for you and everyone else.

But there is a stigma when it comes to pay for apps that can go away. Why? Well, for starters, rarely does an app cost more than $5. You certainly won’t feel spending $5, but you will get immense value in return. Give paid apps a chance; it will change your life.

That’s why we’ve decided to go our way and bring you the 10 best apps that cost money. They are completely worth and you should realize that when you give them a chance.

  1. Nova Launcher Prime

A while ago, people used to download launchers all the time. They did this because they wanted to customize the stock Android. Nowadays, launchers are much more than that. Nova Launcher Prime allows you unbelievable customization, battery saving options and much more. It’s definitely worth giving a shot.

  1. Solid Explorer Pro

File managers are the basis of every good Android OS. More often than not, the stock version only allows for so much customization. Solid Explorer Pro allows you to manage your phone from other devices. Whether it is desktops or other phones, the interface is the same. It is a truly unique way to control your phone.

  1. Pocket Casts

This is by far the best podcast app in existence. They’re also one of the rare apps that prefer Android over iOS. For a small amount of money, you get access to almost every podcast possible. It’s functional, doesn’t take up much space and truly helps. The value you get from so much content overshadows the cost by far.

  1. Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is not only the best weather app in existence, it’s much more. Other apps look up to it but look pale in comparison. It possesses so much more data than other, similar apps. It’s an excellent choice for people who travel often and who depend on weather conditions.

  1. Fenix

Twitter has recently become developer-hostile. It’s almost impossible to customize and alter in any way. Their stocks are plummeting. Enter Fenix, the best Twitter app in existence. With a sleek design and warm interface, it does everything the regular Twitter app can’t.

  1. Battery Widget Reborn

Don’t let the name fool you, this is far more than just a widget. This excellent and useful application amounts to a real aid when operating your phone. It shows you detailed graphs, percentages, and malfunctions concerning your battery. For every conscious Android user, maxing out battery efficiency is a must. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

  1. Evolve Wallpapers

Most stock Android versions and updates don’t allow you to customize wallpapers. With Evolve Wallpapers, you can give your phone a much slicker design than usual. With an endless array of categories and versions, Evolve is the king of aesthetics. For a small price, you can control the appearance of your phone however you want it.

  1. Shuttle+

Unlike Spotify, Deezer and other music apps, Shuttle+ is an all-around beast. Most apps usually focus on either sound quality or appearance. Shuttle+ pays attention to both and gives you a unique music experience. It can hang with the best and is always on the rise.

  1. iA Writer

Most writers are now required to operate on the move. This means being able to grow accustomed to great writing challenges. If you need to edit text fast, but not less carefully than on your PC, this app is your perfect match. With great options and an ever-changing interface, you will love it.

  1. Light Flow

Perhaps the best thing about Android phones is the light notification feature. Light Flow allows you to customize it in a million ways. By buying it, you will get a whole new array of options. When not being able to look at your screen, this feature can mean a lot.


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